Help The Process

When my wife told me that she was divorcing me, I was devastated and I didn’t know whom to turn to. So I called my brother and he advised me to start looking for a good divorce lawyer so that I can stand a better chance in court. I went online and started looking for a lawyer and I finally found good Divorce lawyers Modesto. The good thing about these lawyers is that they provided me with expert legal assistance in an honest, understanding and compassionate manner. These lawyers were with me throughout the divorce and I could call on them at any time.

The first thing that made me trust these lawyers was the manner in which they responded to my distress call. I called them and I was instantly able to receive some initial words of encouragement. They then asked me to visit their offices for a free thirty-minute initial consultation. So I visited the offices and I found lawyers who listen and care about me. They asked me about my situation and I explained to them that my wife was divorcing me. I decided to hire them and was then asked to provide them with all my financial statements the next time I came to their offices.

The next day, I presented my financial records and I was given advice as to how I can avoid becoming a financial victim. The lawyers then made copies of my financial records, including bank account statements and credit card statements. I was then told that if I suspect that my wife may liquidate or re-title our marital assets, I should notify the holder in writing and get a restraining order from the court. I was told to be on the lookout for joint checking and brokerage accounts as well as cash value for any life insurance I may have taken.

You see if my wife were to take these assets, on top of the legal fees and legal disclaimer, the forensic accounting fees could be excessive. The next thing we discussed was child custody, child support and visitation rights. We also discussed spousal support and I was bemused when one lawyer asked me if I needed a paternity test to discover if all the children are mine. My lawyers were very fair and they advised me to find out if I and my wife could come to an out-of-court settlement. Since we couldn’t agree, we went to court and the aggressive representation of my lawyers ensured that all my legal rights were properly taken care of.


Smartest Thing I Did

I never was keen on attorneys, but I recently had an experience that made me decide that a private attorney is just like a raincoat. It might be awkward to have with you all the time, but when you need one there’s nothing comparing the feeling of being protected. This is precisely the feeling I got when I hired a private attorney to represent me in a business matter that quickly got out of control.

I entered into a lease agreement with a person I have trusted for many years. It so happens that this person was in the business of leasing business space to retail store owners. Since we were friends I decided that when I wanted to try my hand at owning my own business, he offered a special deal on a wonderful storefront in a large retail complex. Knowing that business would probably be rough at the beginning, he allowed me several months rent free for me to get on my feet.

As things turned out, business was better than anyone had anticipated. My products, which were focused on the “tween” crowd, sparked an immediate response. In very short order I was making a lot of money, something that my friend and landlord realized very quickly. The trouble was that despite the fact that my agreement for free rent was for a limited amount of time, he decided that he wanted a new agreement that would make my rent retroactive to the date I started in business. Needless to say, not only did I feel that this was unfair, but I had already spent much of the money I would have needed to pay him for rent on products to restock my shelves.

The smartest thinking I ever did was when I decided to consult a Modesto lawyer prior to the problem exploding into a lawsuit. Fortunately, my friend and I did enter into a written agreement which specified the free months of rent, but his story was that I had “tricked” him into thinking that I would not have the money to pay him during my first months in business, so he waved the charges. The good news in this is that with a private attorney who was familiar with business laws, I was able to get good advice on how I should deal with this issue if it did evolve into a lawsuit. Simply knowing that I had spoken to a lawyer about the matter forced my friend to drop his demand and avert legal problems. Consulting that lawyer was the smartest move I could have ever made.

How I FoundMy Apartment

Being one of the biggest college cities in the nation, every year Boston has a massive influx of students looking to rent. Although Boston has one of the highest costs of living in the United States, it is usually cheaper to rent than to stay on campus. In order to find the best possible rental property, it is wise to go through a professional licensed Real Estate agent who had access to a far larger catalog of available units.
One of the most common ways of finding a rental property in Boston is to go through Craigslist. My friend told me about his experience using it to find a Modesto Real Estate agent and having a great experience. For me this was the most convenient method because I did not have time between classes and studying to go into a brick-and-mortar location and talk with an agent face-to-face. The people who advertise on Craigslist are mostly agents anyway so this also added to the convenience. I first found a rental property in the Alston area that I was very much interested in because of the proximity to public transportation. I e-mailed the agent and planned a meeting the following day. My agent’s name was Lindsay and she was extremely kind and helpful throughout the entire process.
We met at one of the main T stops in Alston to view the rental property. When we arrived to the unit it was not very welcoming. The front door was unlocked and the apartment door was very unsightly. We walked inside to find peeling wall-paper and an atrocious smell. Lindsay was not a pushy real estate agent and made no effort to swindle me into leasing the rental property. This assured me that she was sincere in finding the best possible apartment for my needs. Needless to say I did not rent that unit and so we discussed other options.
She took me back to her office, which was conveniently located in Alston, and we looked through her database of available properties. We came across one in Brooklyn that was also very close to a T stop. The outside of the building looked fine and as we entered both front doors were locked and secure. There were three units available in this building and I had the opportunity to view all three. Lindsay was extremely knowledgeable about all the apartments and already knew the answers to the questions I would ask including if utilities were included, if laundry was in the building and if there is a renter’s fee. She even told me things that I had not thought about such as the time it would take to go from the nearby T stop to my school and how many locations would need immediate renovations. I was very happy with my experience and the apartment I decided on was great.
I had to wait a couple days in order to finalize my decision with my roommates and get the necessary funds together for the rental property but things began moving fast. The next day Lindsay called me and said the apartment I desired had been rented by another agent so there were only the other two available in that building. She did not make me feel rushed at all but simply informed me that it is possible the other units could rent as quickly. I made a quick decision, called my roommates and we immediately put the deposits down for the next best unit in that building. In her professional manner Lindsay assured us that we had the rental property and all we had to do now was sign the lease.
My experience renting in Boston would have been very different if I had not been guided by Lindsay. She was genuine and did not make me feel urgent in buying any unit. It is because of her kindness and professionalism that I ended up leasing my desired rental property in a great location.